Stop working for free!

I’m finally back just in time for summer vacation and I won’t be doing much this summer, so expect a lot of articles in the near future and thank you for being patient with me!


I’d never thought being a creative would get you enemies. I don’t create controversial art and I don’t think I’m above anyone else because I like to draw, so how am I able to offend anyone for that matter?

I like to believe that I’m a completely innocent artist, but I guess some people see me as the spawn of Satan because I say no to working for free. And alright, maybe I am the spawn of Satan, but that would be for other reasons, not because I don’t want to work for you… for free… (???)

Identifying enemy; the e-beggar (notable stats; intelligence 1 point, nuisance 10 points, determination 10 points)

“But you like to draw, and I complimented your art-“

“It’s just a doodle!”

“I’m broke at the moment…”

Yeah, no.

I find this type of friendship really toxic and annoying, befriending another person just because you want free services from them. It really makes my female balls itch and I lost some friends because of this.

I wanted to bring this topic to light because this happened to me very recently; I was asked if I could provide art for my friend’s game project. It started out nicely; the person began the conversation with complimenting my skillset, talking about their projects and lifelong dreams, and I was completely in tune with that – until we started talking about compensation for all this extra work on my part. I shouldn’t have asked, because my friend immediately turned spiteful and had the nerve to question our “friendship”.

Apparently, I am The Dark Overlord himself because I asked for payment. I’ll write that down on my future CV’s.

“But the game will be free, so I won’t be paying you any money!” – Aspiring Indie Game Developer

… lolwat.

Why do some people think creatives shouldn’t be paid for their work? 90% of the time we don’t even earn the minimum wage!

Anyways, back to the story, I was completely dumbfounded of course. The situation just happened to be so absurd, I wasn’t even mad!

I personally don’t take experiences like this close to heart, but I know there are people out there whom highly prioritizes friends and finds it hard to say no and I completely get you.

I was once this shy kid who always wanted to please others so much I forgot to take care of myself. That didn’t go well, and I ended up worsening my depression when I couldn’t finish the heaps of requests I got. I evolved to be the bleakest, most emo girl back then and I don’t think anyone would want to suffer like I did. All those cringey fashion attires…

… true friends are great and valuable but definitely keep an eye out for the fake ones! They are everywhere, especially on the interwebs. Luckily, this incident was more of the innocent type and the only loss was losing this oh-so-valuable-contact of mine. Not that I actually mind.

Befriending another person just because you want free service from them is such a low blow and I think many creatives can relate to this experience. I would just like to say; don’t worry, you’ll meet many people in your lifetime, so losing one contact is all alright.

If you can relate or want to share your experiences, feel free to do so! I think it’s fun to rant sometimes and let off steam. It helps my blues.


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