My newfound love for “Man on the moon” and why

It’s Valentine’s Day, everybody. The one day a year where all the single souls out there hide their grief behind irony and sarcasm. It’s truly a great holiday, but love isn’t only applicable to humans, but even things and actions. And so, on this day, we cherish the things we love that aren’t someone we love. It’s nice with a change of pace, isn’t it?

Relatert bilde

Today I got a feeling I haven’t had in ages: the feeling one’s left with after seeing a movie that’s really fucking good, incredible even. Man on the Moon is a biographical comedy film about the infamous comedy legend Andy Kaufman. Short summarized, he was the world’s first troll. He became infamous for his skits and outrageous things he did. He was funny, because he wasn’t funny at all. It was a reverse effect in what he did.

His Mighty Mouse skit is a prime example of his humor. Go watch it, it’s on YouTube. I’m here to tell you why Man on the moon might’ve become my favorite movie.


It’s a weird type of love. It’s not as magical as actually having a significant other, but it is magical. Andy Kaufman wasn’t just infamous, he was often regarded as obnoxious and an asshole. There was always a question about whether he did what he did for the audiences’ amusement or his own. With such a variated set of personalities as Andy had, Jim Carrey was born for the role. I love this movie because of Jim, because I didn’t see Jim in the movie. But I saw a character, a lovable, quirky and ridiculous character who strode for one thing: amusement.

Bilderesultat for man on the moon movie

While Andy didn’t refer to himself as much of a comedian, and rather a performance artist, he managed to do one thing, which was to amuse. Even if it involved putting his reputation on the line. I can’t place myself in the world of the movie and relate to the dumbfounding world of seeing Andy Kaufman read The Great Gatsby. However, if I think about that now, I think that it’s a little genius.

Again, Kaufman’s mission was to amuse, to get a reaction. So, seeing this movie and knowing this stuff actually happened, I had a gut reaction. It amused me. It’s not an incredible movie just because of how well crafted it is, but also because it’s extremely amusing. Andy Kaufman’s stride for amusement and dumbfound comedy lives on in this movie, as greatly as I personally believe it can. The movie is about as amazing as you can make something about a person who lived by dumbfound-ness and simple amusement. It’s incredible. It’s my new favorite movie, easily.


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