The Birth of A New Blog!

Here goes another 100 USD to fuel one of my many ambitious plans. Hi, the name’s Valentine and I am a broke 18 year old student. In my life I’ve been gifted a bad upbringing, bad parents, a terrible vessel of an body that withstands nothing, but also and a ambitious mindset. I wish to be successful in life, to earn a good income and to help other people like me.

Right now it is hard to get through the day, but I can manage; I know for sure other people have it worse and that’s bad. We, as humans collectively, really need to turn this around.

But! If anything, this blog will share events from my life, my future business plans and my journey to a successful life. That’s if I even become successful at all, but its worth a try. I really got nothing to lose at the moment! Buying this domain for 100 USD is a huge gamble, but I hope it will be worth it.

So dear reader, what can I offer you? I am not school smart or completely nice, I am a black sheep and I have a lot of faults that makes me unattractive. I am crying for a change, I do wish to be better. So I hope you can help me.

This blog is all about communicating with each other, sharing experiences and stories to widen our perception. Share this blog and lets try to grow an big audience. We got a big storm coming! 🙂


Thanks for reading,



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